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We help you start, develop and manage your harbours and boat clubs into a successful business. We have the keys for success!

2024 we are launching our first White label Software for Boat Clubs and Harbours; MOXSEA.


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What is Moxsea?

Moxsea a leading business and technology consultancy, specialised in boat clubs and harbours. Focusing on strategy and management of business development.

LATEST NEWS! We are now launching our own White label Software, MOXSEA for Boat Clubs and Harbours. An App together with a Backend that will simplify the work for the Boat Club.


We help you set up your boat club business in a legal and business smart way. We are a prestigious and selected team of independent experts in their respective professional areas, with the industry best practices.


The sea and the mountains are our playground. With a passion for an active lifestyle and people we combine our private life and our businesses.

Henrietta Roslund

CEO and Co-Founder

More than 25 years’ experience of marketing and sales, digital communication strategy, and business development. Last year’s focusing on Sharing Economy in the boating industry by developing boat clubs in Mallorca and Marbella.

Stefan Roslund


Serial entrepreneur. Founder of Stora Blå, Swedish Adventure Club and Roslund Consulting. Advisor and business developer with a focus on establish and develop global boat clubs.

Zeth Roslund

Head of Design and Co-Founder

Digital native, always thinking outside the box. Graphic designer specialised in UX design. Business and Marketing undergraduate at university in Florence.

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